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It’s hard to be noticed, we know.

It’s constantly changing the way Google displays local business results. This being the case, it becomes very difficult for many businesses to be successful in local search. In today’s conditions, focusing on only one search factor is a strategy with many risks. In such a market, you need alocal SEO strategy that draws your customers to you, not your competitors trying to knock you out.

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What is Local SEO?

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Local SEO is the optimization work done to have the best visibility and ranking in the search results when a search is performed in a specific region.

If you’re a small business owner, you probably know something about local SEO.

Think about it: when you want to buy a product, you take out your phone and enter your browser and do a search.

Bam! In a very short time, perhaps in a microsecond, Google will perform thousands or even millions of actions at once: checking historical data, checking cookies, checking personalization factors, determining your location based on IP, Wifi or GPS data… Google will use these algorithms to understand the intent of your search.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the search results page will appear. Many people will instinctively click on the top result. Just like you click. But what if this top result was your website?

…that’s what local SEO is. The magic of local SEO is to get your local business in front of the callers as soon as they call, along with the services it offers.

Which SEO Solution do you need?

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Local Optimization

SEO plan that strategically determines the target audience in your area. Our local SEO expert team directs potential customers to your physical store and website with keyword research and on-page SEO techniques.

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Copywriting and Content Development

Content written by experienced copywriters, optimized for your local SEO strategy. Our team has a deep understanding of creating content that helps you connect with your customers.

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Responsive Development

Building your presence in the region you want starts with your website. Our expert team focuses on developing websites created to best meet the needs of your website visitors.

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Google My Business

Strategic optimization of your GMB profile, one of the most important factors for maximum visibility in local search results and Google Maps.

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Reputation management

What are customers saying about you? Show everyone that you’re doing your best by balancing your reviews on various websites. Our team will assist you in the process of getting positive reviews and will support you in solving problems with negative reviews.

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Local Directories

Create, edit or clear local citiations. Local directory listings play an important role in local search optimization efforts. Services Neo will get you listed in all required directories.

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Paid Ads

Using the power of paid advertising, we can provide you with the impetus to dominate your local market. Services Neo has previously managed hundreds of local campaigns.

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Schema Markup

You need to translate your website into a language that search engines can understand. Our local SEO team will meticulously implement schema markup for your website and promote your web content to search engines.

Local SEO and Your Business

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People are looking for easier and more efficient ways to find businesses close to them via the internet. This shows us how critical local search results are.

Quick accessibility has become a very important factor with today’s search engine updates. Local searches cause more than half of mobile users to visit the business they see on the results page within a day. Google states that these people are ready to make a purchase when they enter the store.

Optimizing your local business’s online presence includes many factors to make your business stand out from the competition. Services Neo adapts to these factors with optimization studies that will benefit both your business and users. With our expert local SEO service, our team will reveal your business’s place in the search results!

Why Choose Our Local SEO Agency?

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We were founded about 10 years ago on search engine optimization and today SEO remains the main focus of our company. Staying up to date on the latest trends and industry best practices and keeping our skills sharp is the difference between our local SEO services and our competitors. Our process starts with you: it continues with learning who you are as a brand, your story, and your unique business goals.

By following the best and latest practices in the industry, we can take the necessary steps to build a platform to grow your local business.

It is important to make your local SEO investment in the right place. We are here to create the perfect strategy.

By applying the most up-to-date and effective digital marketing strategies, we can grow [dijital]your online presence and turn your website into a platform that drives traffic to your store.