Digital Marketing starts with SEO.

Our Technical SEO Strategy Is Built for Success

Search Engines have started to rank websites that offer high-quality content to their visitors and provide a high-level user experience. A website that offers a quality and high-end user experience needs a solid digital foundation. This solid foundation is called ‘Technical SEO’.

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Technical SEO Services

Our technical team paves the way for success of digital marketing for you. Every house needs a strong foundation; just like every website needs a strong Technical SEO. These details, which will improve the performance of a site, are your keys that should be considered and will help your site in the race with your competitors.

Our SEO experts apply the clearest SEO service you can get by optimizing your website with a continuous set of Technical SEO strategies. Our professional team is waiting for you with Technical SEO methods that aim for maximum results for every budget. Take your website a step further with affordable SEO services that only NEO can offer.

Technical Field Inspections

Teknil Site Analizi

An in-depth look at the technical profile of your website.

We will examine even the smallest details of your website and present you as a report what can be done to improve your performance. Our technical SEO team’s audits cover the following items:,

  • Scan Analysis

  • Mobile Performance
  • Duplicate Content

  • Internal link structure
  • site architecture
  • Page speed
  • XML sitemap

  • Robots.txt

  • Scan errors

  • Image optimization
  • Indexing
  • Accesibility

  • Redirections

  • Analytics

SEO Debug

ilkyardim çantasi

An in-depth look at the technical profile of your website.

Worked with an agency that didn’t do its job well? Or have you lost ranking on results pages for unknown reasons? Our experienced SEO team has increased the awareness of countless websites over the past years, enabling them to achieve success.

  • Recover Lost Traffic
  • Regain Ranking
  • Protect your reputation

Website Migration

site taşima ikon

Meticulously Managed Website Migration

Growing businesses often migrate to new website platforms, domains or safe browsing extensions. Moving operations are so risky and complicated that they can cause various problems. This process can negatively affect the performance of your website or cause you to lose traffic.

In order to avoid this situation, it is very important that the site migration process is done correctly.

Our experienced team of technical SEO has successfully moved thousands of websites without any problems. Taking advantage of our team during the transition gives you:

  • SEO Advantages
  • Search performance
  • Safe browsing (HTTPS)

Speed Optimization

hiz optimizasyonu

No one… wants to… wait…a… slow…loading…website.

If your website is taking tooooooo long to load, it’s time for various speed and performance optimizations. Websites that load fast, especially on mobile devices, have recently become a favorite of Google.

Let our team measure the speed of your site. Get your online report for free.

Let us offer you various solutions to achieve maximum performance.

  • Website speed is a confirmed ranking factor.
  • Improve First Byte Time (TTFB)
  • Reduce Bounce Rates

Structed Data Markup

veri işleme ikon

Search engines must understand what your website is trying to convey.

The implementation of structured data dictionaries ( helps define the content on your website to help search engines understand important information.

By using JSON-LD on your site and incorporating technical SEO, we can influence improved search results. Enhanced search results are one of the clearest ways to increase the awareness and visibility of your business. It also drives excellent traffic to the website.

  • SEO Advantages
  • Let Google understand your website.
  • SERP Features

Competitor analysis

Rakip analizi

Understand the Companies You Compete With

Our SEO team researches the competitive environment you are in from head to toe with their researcher identities. We delve deeper into your competitors’ digital assets by blending analytics tools and a range of SEO techniques.

We can learn about broad and niche competitors, both nationally and locally, as we explore countless checkpoints, including:

  • Keywords
  • technical profile
  • Backlink profiles
  • Rankings
  • SEO and PPC strategies
  • Social media

Visual Optimization

Görüntü Optimizasyonu

Understand the Companies You Compete With

Almost all web users prefer websites that contain various media elements more than other websites. Various media elements such as images, videos make the content more eventful and prevent the visitor from getting bored.

Optimizing your images is a way of signaling to your visitors that you are providing a user experience that strives to be perfected. Google and similar search engines do not like this because they give the highest priority to user experience when it comes to ranking, and as a result, your site’s ranking may drop.

Our SEO experts take your images and optimize them for your users and Google.

  • Increase Visibility
  • Additional SEO value
  • Get Web Accessibility

Backlink Analysis

Site analizi

Backlinks play a vital role in determining SEO performance

Our backlink analysis gives you a complete review of your backlink profile by identifying where your links are coming from and which pages they are pointing to. A thorough analysis of your backlinks uncovers link building opportunities, which is the starting point for effective off-page optimization strategies.

  • Remove malicious links

  • Get new connections
  • Off-page SEO strategy